Finding Calmness Within

When Going Through Challenging Times

Live Online Seminar • Monday, Nov 30,

5pm - 7pm CET

Lotte W Vesterli

Anna-Margret Margretardottir

"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul" - Rumi -

Finding calmness within when life meets you with turbulences or overwhelming and unexpected changes can be difficult.

It’s our experience that bullying, harassment, trauma, discrimination, loss of a loved one, betrayal et cetera, can cause increased stress, anxiety, or that uneasy feeling that something is off.

Join our online seminar and learn techniques to help you handle the internal discomfort caused by these overwhelming experiences. And this online setting is ideal if you suffer from social anxiety, because it's a safe close group, and you can join with or without your camera on :)

The benefits that you can experience include

  • Become more calm
  • Increase sleep
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Feeling more relaxed

And you'll learn techniques that will support you in any stressful and challenging situation.

Join online Monday, November 30, 2020 at 5 - 7 pm CET

Price: 269.- kr. / 36,- euro - Sign up below

About us

Lotte Waidtløw Vesterli

Lotte is Trauma-therapist, Master RIM-facilitator and Occupational Therapist.

Lotte is passionate about helping people break free of past traumatic events that often impact life today with increase stress and anxiety issues. And the author of: Life After Bullying - Three Steps to Inner Peace'

Learn more about Lotte at

Anna-Margret Margretardottir

Anna Margret is Cand. Psych, Auth. Psychologist and People and Leadership Developer.

Anna Margret has a great passion for helping people go through the process of re-establish themselves and rediscover their potentials as leaders in their own life, at work, in crisis, and as individuals on their own Self-Leadership mastery.

Learn more about Anna at

Finding calmness within