About Lotte

I am passionate about helping people break free of the past and lead happy, successful, and fulfilling lives.

Coming from a background as an Occupational Therapist with many years of clinical experience with neurological patients, I am acutely aware of how much we still don’t know about the brain. In 2011, I set out to learn from some of the thought leaders in modern cognitive science and have mastered a number of powerful techniques I have integrated into my own unique method.  

This allows me to quickly achieve stunning results with my clients who come to me with difficult conditions like emotional trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

My method and many of my tools are documented in my book “Life after Bullying.” I decided to target this book specifically at bullying victims because I recognized from my private practice how common it is for them to suffer and don’t know why. However, the method and tools apply widely.

Born in Denmark, I spent several years abroad in Canada and Germany before returning to Denmark. I live north of Copenhagen together with my husband of 25+ years. In my spare time I enjoy sea kayaking along the Danish coast and Hiking.

I speak Danish, English and German and work individually with clients all over the world in person or via voice and video calls. I also regularly lead workshops and speak internationally for large and small audiences.

If you want to learn more about how I might be able to help you, I encourage you to book a time for a free introduction call of up to 20 minutes. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact me by email at [email protected].


  • Transformational Presence Coach 2018
  • RIM Essentials Trainer 2017
  • Master RIM Facilitator 2015
  • Captivate Your Crowd (speaker training) 2013
  • Certified RIM Facilitator 2013
  • Certified NLP Coach 2013
  • Certified Transformational Coach 2013
  • Certified Success Principles Trainer with Jack Canfield 2012
  • RIM Practitioner 2012
  • Jack Canfield Breakthrough to Success 2011
  • Mindfulness 2011
  • Coaching – Engagement, Functioning and life-spirit 2011
  • Coaching in everyday life 2009
  • Various O.T. courses 1992 – 2012
  • Occupational Therapist 1990

Publications (in English)

Publications (In Danish)

  • “Live your life – start today” (E-Book)
  • “10 tips for a good student life” (E-Book)

Articles (In Danish)

  • ”Find activities that promote happiness”
  • ”Have your day work for you”
  • “Use the X-mas vacation to help your child”
  • “Childhood Bullying affects you at 50”

Volunteering work

  • Psychological first responder
  • Teach at SNLA (Soroptimist Nordic Leadership Academy)