Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM)

RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory), is a mind-body transformational technique that quickly produces extraordinary results, freeing people of negative self-limiting beliefs and memories, empowering them to live their best life. RIM is done as a closed-eye personal journey guided by an experienced practitioner. You might compare RIM to interactive guided imagery, but it contains much, much more.

Our health, relationships, professions, businesses and finances are tied directly to our beliefs about ourselves and our world view, most of which was decided/programmed into our subconscious as children. While we can use affirmations and will-power to choose a new path, RIM actually updates the original “programming” to create the positive outcomes we want in every aspect of our life.

We all experience emotional blocks. We might not like meeting new people, speaking our mind, confronting difficult conversations, saying no, or asking for help. It might be difficult to cope with politics, news events, family dynamics, work relationships, and everyday life events and stresses. At a deeper level, these blocks can be more debilitating and caused by past abuse, traumas, past major life events, low self-worth, money issues, and more. RIM works to remove the source without reliving the old stories.

We often think we have these issues under control, because we think we understand them intellectually, and we “know” how to handle them, we’ve been coping for years, right? However, this does not mean our emotions don’t still take over our decisions and actions. The reason is that emotions live in our body and surface in what appears to be unrelated circumstances. Most importantly, we may not even be aware of what’s blocking us.

As a whole-brain experience, RIM removes the need for the both practitioner and client to intellectually “know” the issues that need to be dealt with. We trust the RIM process because our Emotional Operating System (EOS) knows exactly what needs to be dealt with first, without reliving old hurt and pain. As the blocks organically present themselves during the RIM process, they begin to automatically dissolve, allowing you to move quickly and easily to sustainable results.

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How RIM Works

Since your nervous system imprints an imagined experience similar to an actual experience, you can re-generate emotional body memories to create neurologically-rooted positive endings to old hurt and pain. Factual memory remains stable, but during the RIM process, you integrate a new body-centered feeling that automatically stimulates health in your mind, body and spirit. You begin to trust that life wants you to thrive and succeed.

The RIM process works in a way that can be challenging to understand intellectually. Our left brain (our intellect, the voices in our heads) thinks, plots, manipulates, calculates, figures things out, and speaks in words and thoughts.

Our right brain (our emotions and imagination) speaks in metaphors, images, emotions, feelings, etc. RIM uses the power of our imagination to translate and synthesize, bridging the gap between both sides, creating a powerful whole-brain experience.

For example, since the left brain needs tangible information to understand something, the RIM facilitator uses language to guide you on your journey, allowing your imagination (right brain) to make emotions more tangible to the left brain, with qualities such as shapes, sizes and colors.

With something tangible for the left brain to understand and keep it occupied, it can work together with the intuitive processing in the right brain. The whole brain is completely engaged so resolutions can be explored, resolved, and dissolved, and valuable insights can be brought back for practical use in real life. At the same time, your feeling about the underlying core issues is completely transformed.

This can be likened to how your icons on your phone work. When you touch and hold a specific icon, all the icons begin to jiggle. This allows you to move, change, and delete any of the icons. Similarly, the RIM process can push on a memory (jiggly icons) allowing it to be changed, dissolved, removed, etc. without having to relive old hurt & pain.

For a lack of a better word, RIM is a “shortcut” to removing emotional and/or mental blocks holding you back from achieving your goals. Very often, the RIM method resolves these blocks through seemingly unrelated related issues. Neither facilitator nor facilitator know in advance where the session will go, but our Emotional Operating System (EOS) knows what needs to be dealt with and will get right to it. The beauty of RIM is that it removes the guessing or needing to know what the underlining blocks are.

Neuroscience findings support the efficacy of RIM by explaining that the brain and nervous system is changeable. A researcher at the College of William and Mary discovered that recalling a memory, biochemically destabilizes it, so it can be recreated in an affirming way.

Amazingly, the RIM process doesn’t only work in person. It can also be done via voice or video call. In fact, most RIM sessions are done by phone or an internet communication platform like Skype or Zoom. Learn more about RIM therapy sessions with me here. And more about how you can become trained in the RIM process here.

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Who Created RIM?

The RIM method was created by Dr. Deborah Sandella PhD, RN based on her years of practice as a psychiatric nurse, therapist, and university professor. She has founded the RIM Institute, is a bestselling author and has trained many RIM Facilitators in the US and abroad.