Talk Nicely to Yourself

How do you talk to yourself? When our actions lead to bad outcomes, we blame ourselves. That is OK if it leads us to reflect on our behavior and do better next time.

But the language we use when we blame ourselves is sometimes much worse than we would ever use with other people. If a colleague makes a mistake, we don’t call her stupid. But we might call ourselves stupid. Don’t do that. Talk to yourself at least as politely as you talk to others.

Dress for Success

Are you wearing the right clothes today? What you wear affects your mood. You can set your day on a good track when you stand in front of your closet in the morning.

Some people claim that specific colors affect our confidence and mood in predictable ways, but it’s not that simple. What matters is how you personally feel about the clothes you wear. While one person might feel great in bright, colorful clothes, another might feel best in solid earth tones.

When you pick up an item of clothing in the morning, close your eyes and spend a few seconds to experience the feeling this item gives you today. If it matches your goals and schedule for the day – energetic, creative, or relaxed – wear that piece. If it doesn’t, pick up another one. You can reach your goals easier with the right clothes.

Winner Mentality

They said he was too old, but he proved them wrong. Many of my American friends are celebrating the incredible performance of American football quarterback Tom Brady, who just won his 7th Super Bowl. He is 43 years old and the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, beating his own record from two years ago, when he was also the oldest quarterback to win it.

He is no longer the strongest or the fastest, but he still has the mentality to win. If he thought he was too old, he wouldn’t have won. But he goes out on the field with a confident expectation that he will do exceptionally well.

You need to meet your life with a similar attitude. There might be others who are stronger or faster, but you have a unique combination of skill, talent, and personality that will make you successful. Work on your self-talk until you believe it.