Vote and Let Go

It’s your duty to vote. Once you have done your duty, you need to move on. The election probably didn’t come out exactly the way you hoped. It never does. But it is unproductive to worry about what will happen next. You make your voice heard at the ballot box, and then you leave the people elected to get on with their job.

I am happy that people are fighting to make the world a better place through political campaigning. But it is a demanding task full of struggle, bad arguments and dirty tricks. If you suffer from emotional trauma, you need to take care of yourself and let others do the political fighting between elections. You’ve done your part.

Send Good Thoughts

Events like those yesterday in Washington D.C. affect many of us, but we can do little about them. Angrily shouting down other people on social media affects you negatively and doesn’t help in any way.

One way to cope is to sit down, close your eyes and think of the people involved. Send them all your hopes for a peaceful resolution. If you are religious, you can pray to your god.  Sending good thoughts will help you and might improve the world.