Fight Bullying by Giving Credit

Bullies are not high performers. But it might look that way. An article on workplace bullying in the Harvard Business Review explains how star performers are often targets. The purpose of this kind of bullying is for the bully to take credit for the victim’s achievements. In an organization with bad leadership, they sometimes succeed. If that happens, the bully is unfortunately considered a valuable high performer and is even less likely to face consequences.

You can fight this kind of bullying by working to create an appreciative environment. Whenever there is an opportunity, publicly thank your colleagues for their good work. This creates a workplace where others will also praise your work. Once everybody is happy to give credit where it is due, the bully has nothing to steal and will often leave the team.

Look for the Good News

When we cooperate, we are capable of incredible things. At the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, experts expected it would take 3 or 4 years before we had a vaccine, but several teams have managed to create vaccines in record time.

Yesterday saw a Nasa spacecraft land on Mars. If you haven’t seen the illustrations of how it was done, I can recommend looking it up. It was an amazing feat of engineering involving heat shields, parachutes, and a hovering “sky crane” that slowly lowered the huge one-ton robot onto the surface of Mars.

This weekend, make a decision to read only positive news and stories. Simply scroll past the bad news. You won’t miss anything. If it is really important, you will see it again on Monday. Your weekend should be a time for recovery and re-energizing. To achieve that, feed your mind with all the good stories out there.