Could you Unplug for 24 Hours?

August 6th, 2022, is the 3rd Global Day of Unplugging. When you read this, think about if you can put your phone down and stay offline for 24 hours. Many people think they can, but few people have the willpower. Are you up to the challenge? #globaldayofunplugging 

Try a Less Smart Phone

Have you considered a ‘dumbphone’? We all have smartphones in our pockets full of apps to entertain and distract us. 15 years ago, we had phones that could only make calls and send text messages. More and more people are returning to simpler phones. They find that it gives them more focus and more creativity, and they spend more time with friends.

I still have a smartphone. But I also have a very simple phone I take with me when I head to our summer cottage for my annual silent retreat, or simply to spend time focused on something. With my simple phone, I am not totally isolated. But everything that happens in the world and on social media must wait until I am back home. Try buying a second-hand simple phone and spend one day a week with just that. The change can be dramatic.

Set an Intention

Did you check your phone time last Monday? If you did and set the intention to change it, did you notice that the time spent on your phone dropped this past week?

Setting a clear intention and telling our mind what you want is a powerful tool to make a change in your life. When say what you want, your subconscious mind will start working to make that thing happen, often without your conscious mind even noticing. In cases like phone use, my clients report that their time dropped even if they did not think about “I have to use my phone less” at all.

Give your mind something to work on, and watch it do its magic.