Create Your Own Soundtrack

Movies manipulate your feelings. You can also use the techniques of the movie industry to change how you feel. One of their tricks is the soundtrack. You just know that the romantic couple is about to meet again after a long separation – the music tells you.

Think about the soundtrack you want for your life. You might create several playlists for different moods. You can have one for starting work, one for winding down after your workday, one for getting ready for bed, one to get in a romantic mood with your partner, and an extra energetic one for doing boring work around the house.

Your rational mind cannot directly affect your feelings. It doesn’t work to simply tell yourself to cheer up. But your rational self can select the right tunes and let the music do the magic.

Spend Your Money Well

You can’t buy happiness. Yet there are some ways to spend money that makes you happier than others. Research shows that the happiness from buying things wears off very quickly. Especially today. It will take no more than six months before there is a new and better model of the television or phone you buy today. But the happiness you get from buying experiences lasts longer. Many of your memories will last a lifetime. Save a little on things today and spend a little more on your holiday this summer. It will make your happier in the long run.

Set Goals for Every Day

If you are working from home, you don’t have the physical separation of work and leisure you have been used to. That can make the days run together, and lead to feeling disconnected and unenthusiastic about your life.

To fight this feeling, make sure you set goals with different timeframes. Each day should achieve a couple of mini-goals, and each week should have at least one goal. If your work doesn’t provide you with goals like this, you will have to make them up yourself. It doesn’t matter if they are private or professional goals. What is your goal for this week?