Improve Your Home Office

Even after everybody is vaccinated, a lot of people won’t be going back to the office full time. If you think you’ll continue to be working from home at least part of the week, make sure your work ergonomics are okay. If there is something you are missing – like a stand for your laptop, an extra keyboard, or a comfortable chair, put them on your Christmas wishlist.

Improve your Workspace

Just like many other places, we’re seeing increased coronavirus-based restrictions here in Denmark. We’re not going back to normal for a while, which also means that you will probably be working from home for weeks or months yet.

You probably set up a home workspace back when you started working from home, but take a look at it again. Can you make some improvements to your chair, your desk height, the placement of your keyboard and mouse/trackpad, or something else? During your next break, google “home working ergonomics” and find an improvement tip to implement this week.