Train Your Brain

Are you getting smarter or dumber? If you’re not challenging your brain, it loses power just like muscles you don’t use. The physiology is completely different, but research shows that we can add more brain cells by using our brains just like we can add more muscle mass by using our muscles.

Because it takes so much energy to run a human brain, the body is always looking for shortcuts. Routines and habits mean that you don’t have to think – you just do as you normally do. It is your job to keep your brain fit by giving it new challenges. You don’t have to learn a new language or to play the piano, but you should always have something new to keep your brain fresh and interested. What new skill or challenge will you give your brain to work on this weekend?

Learn Something New

To improve your life, there is always something new you can learn. There are free online courses and YouTube videos that will teach you almost everything, and your local library is full of free books you can borrow to learn about any topic you want.

If you feel that each day is just like the next one, decide on some skill or knowledge you want to pick up. Do the absolute minimum to improve each day – watch 3 minutes of video or read one page. You will find that this breaks the routine and after one week you will be a person with more skill and knowledge than last week. Appreciate that progress and continue.