Bullying Effects Can Last a Lifetime

We need a higher awareness of how much effect any form of bullying has on kids and adults. The media reports the tragic cases where bullying leads to suicide, but we don’t hear about the traumatization that affects the victim for a lifetime if not dealt with.

We need to alter the way we teach! Besides rules and penalties, we have to teach self-esteem and how to work through emotions throughout the whole school system. High self-esteem makes it easier to deal with the bullying and to report it. And people with high self-esteem are less inclined to start bullying.

Seek Diversity

Remember to seek out diversity. In my RIM workshop last week, I had participants from three different countries, and the diversity was very inspiring. People with different backgrounds contribute differently. The more diverse my class is, the more interesting our discussions become, and the more I learn myself.

That’s why enlightened organizations seek diversity: It enables them to make better decisions. Of course, if you are in a leadership position and following me, you already know that. But even if you are not hiring, you can still actively seek out people different from yourself, at work and in your private life. It will inspire and enrich you.

Learning the RIM Method

I’ve just completed this year’s last RIM Essential training. This international class was amazing, eager to dive in deep both learning the skills and working on their own personal development.

They left after five days of in-depth training with new insights and new skills that we will develop over the next three month. Learning RIM is not just a five-day class – you cannot learn to change the lives of your clients in such a short time. That’s why the process also involves practice sessions, feedback, and group coaching sessions over the next months. This way of learning ensures that every student can really absorb the RIM method and can use it in their practice with clients.

RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) is a method that works with the client’s emotional operating system. By accessing the body memory and bypassing the logic of the thinking brain, we can get straight to the root of longstanding problems. This allows us to let go of old feelings and traumatic memories on a deep cellular level. I am constantly amazed at the results my clients achieve after only one or two RIM sessions.

If you are interested in learning this powerful method and participating in the next training, please get in touch.

An Instruction Class for Life?

We now have vending machines that dispense kayaks. Here in Denmark, anybody is free to book a kayak online, go to the beach, pick up the kayak from the machine and take it to sea.

Those who just do that tend to get into trouble. Those who take a class first are much less likely to have to be rescued from mid-ocean by the coast guard.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple instruction class for life. But there are useful tools you can learn. I teach some in my courses, and you can find many of them in my book “Life after Bullying.” Life is sometimes easier if you take the time to learn how your body and mind works.

Are You Learning and Growing?

I’m in the Netherlands this week, having participated in a three-day training event in “Transformational Presence” by Alan Seale. Even though my calendar quickly fills up with client work and my other commitments, I also make room for my own personal development. Look at your calendar for the past month. Did you manage to do some activities that allowed you to learn and grow? If you didn’t, it’s extra important that you schedule some learning and growing time in your calendar for next month.

If you are out of ideas for September, you can join me in Denmark for my RIM Essentials training 😉 There is only one slot left…

Break the Loop

Winter will last another six weeks, according to Punxsutawney Phil. Phil is a weather-predicting groundhog, and you might know him from his role in the 1990s comedy Groundhog Day. In the movie, Bill Murray’s character is stuck in a time loop, experiencing Groundhog Day (Feb 2nd) over and over.

Are you also experiencing what feels like the same day over and over? This is typical human condition, and it has become more acute during pandemic lockdowns. But you don’t have to accept it. In the movie, Bill Murray’s character eventually breaks out of the loop. You can, too.

The best way to break the loop is to learn something new. If you work on a new skill, a new language, or a hobby every day, each day builds on the skills and knowledge from the day before. Get a learning project going if you don’t have one already.

Train Your Brain

Are you getting smarter or dumber? If you’re not challenging your brain, it loses power just like muscles you don’t use. The physiology is completely different, but research shows that we can add more brain cells by using our brains just like we can add more muscle mass by using our muscles.

Because it takes so much energy to run a human brain, the body is always looking for shortcuts. Routines and habits mean that you don’t have to think – you just do as you normally do. It is your job to keep your brain fit by giving it new challenges. You don’t have to learn a new language or to play the piano, but you should always have something new to keep your brain fresh and interested. What new skill or challenge will you give your brain to work on this weekend?

Learn Something New

To improve your life, there is always something new you can learn. There are free online courses and YouTube videos that will teach you almost everything, and your local library is full of free books you can borrow to learn about any topic you want.

If you feel that each day is just like the next one, decide on some skill or knowledge you want to pick up. Do the absolute minimum to improve each day – watch 3 minutes of video or read one page. You will find that this breaks the routine and after one week you will be a person with more skill and knowledge than last week. Appreciate that progress and continue.