Read Paper Books

Today is Book Lover’s Day. That’s a day for celebrating books and reading, preferably by reading a real printed book. If you have my book “Life after Bullying,” I recommend you re-read one of the tool chapters in part 3. All of the tools in part 3 are effective and useful, but different people need different tools at different times. Skimming part 3 every once in a while reminds you of all the powerful tools you have available. It might inspire you to pick up a new tool that better matches your current place in life.


Read Books

What book are you reading right now? Books are a great way to relax, immerse yourself in another world, and learn something. And paper books don’t affect your sleep like reading on a screen does.

People have announced the death of physical books for a long time, but 2020 saw more paper books sold than ever before. If you’re not reading a book right now, find one on your bookshelf that you have meant to get around to, and get started tonight.