Spend Your Money Well

You can’t buy happiness. Yet there are some ways to spend money that makes you happier than others. Research shows that the happiness from buying things wears off very quickly. Especially today. It will take no more than six months before there is a new and better model of the television or phone you buy today. But the happiness you get from buying experiences lasts longer. Many of your memories will last a lifetime. Save a little on things today and spend a little more on your holiday this summer. It will make your happier in the long run.

The Traveling Mindset

Some people are missing travel so much that they will pay to eat in a parked A380 super jumbo. Singapore airlines quickly sold out the first dinners and have added more dates.

I enjoy traveling, but I actually don’t miss sitting on airplanes. What I enjoy is the mindset of traveling. Coronavirus limits our physical options, but it does not prevent us from enjoying the feeling of traveling. Make plans to travel somewhere, even if only just outside your city.