Plan 10,000 Steps

You move less than you think you do. If you don’t believe me, look at the activity monitory on your mobile device. Fortunately, the weekend is coming up, and that’s an opportunity to get out for a long walk. If you don’t have an app that counts steps, get a cheap pedometer (step counter). Your goal should be to get to 10,000 steps. That might be hard to fit into your everyday routine, but is completely doable on a day where you don’t have to work. If you haven’t been walking at all, start with a lower target, but work your way up to the ten thousand. 

Make a plan today where you are going to take your long walk. Look at Google maps and plan out a route. If you don’t live near natural surroundings, plan where you will drive to and start your walk. Making a plan today makes it much more likely you’ll actually do it tomorrow or Sunday.