Are You Learning and Growing?

I’m in the Netherlands this week, having participated in a three-day training event in “Transformational Presence” by Alan Seale. Even though my calendar quickly fills up with client work and my other commitments, I also make room for my own personal development. Look at your calendar for the past month. Did you manage to do some activities that allowed you to learn and grow? If you didn’t, it’s extra important that you schedule some learning and growing time in your calendar for next month.

If you are out of ideas for September, you can join me in Denmark for my RIM Essentials training 😉 There is only one slot left…

Are You Prepared?

This morning, the citizens of Ukraine woke up to the sound of a Russian invasion. After weeks of threats, some people were prepared and some were not. You might not live in a place where a Russian invasion is likely, but you might still be affected by natural and man-made disasters.

You have pushed the risk out of your conscious mind, but your unconscious mind is continually evaluating it.

The better prepared you are for the unexpected, the more your mind will be is at ease. The events of today are a reminder to find out how to prepare yourself. In Sweden, every household recently received a 20-page folder called “If crisis or war comes.” Find the official recommendation for emergency preparedness from your local authorities and prepare yourself a little better. It will calm your mind.

Plan Your Life

Have you planned next week? People who don’t spend some time thinking about their future often experience that all weeks feel the same. That feeling can accumulate to general dissatisfaction with your life.

It’s each to prevent this. Simply write down in your calendar what you intend to achieve next week. Because the world runs on a weekly cycle, making weekly plans is a good way to keep your life moving forward. The end of the week provides you with some spare time and is a good trigger for planning.

People who make specific plans achieve more. Decide today what you will achieve next week.

Plan 10,000 Steps

You move less than you think you do. If you don’t believe me, look at the activity monitory on your mobile device. Fortunately, the weekend is coming up, and that’s an opportunity to get out for a long walk. If you don’t have an app that counts steps, get a cheap pedometer (step counter). Your goal should be to get to 10,000 steps. That might be hard to fit into your everyday routine, but is completely doable on a day where you don’t have to work. If you haven’t been walking at all, start with a lower target, but work your way up to the ten thousand. 

Make a plan today where you are going to take your long walk. Look at Google maps and plan out a route. If you don’t live near natural surroundings, plan where you will drive to and start your walk. Making a plan today makes it much more likely you’ll actually do it tomorrow or Sunday.

Be Prepared

What would happen if you lost your purse? Or your car breaks down while you’re driving? If you tend towards anxiety, as many bullying victims do, you can spend a lot of time worrying about things that might happen.

Fortunately, there is an antidote to this kind of worrying. Whenever you feel anxiety about some possible event, make a note of it. Later, when you are feeling calm and in a familiar and safe environment, take out your note and think about what you would do if that situation happened.  If you lost your purse, there would be credit cards to cancel, and you might need to get a replacement driver’s license. Find out in advance exactly what you would need to do. Find the phone numbers you need to call or the websites you need to visit. Store that information in several places – on your phone, on paper, on your computer.

When you have thought a situation through in advance and know exactly what to do, the anxiety is much lessened. Often, you’ll that you completely stop thinking about the situation that worried you.

Reserve Time for Yourself

If you are not feeling cheerful as we get closer to Christmas, that’s OK. We are bombarded with an idealized image of a happy family celebrating in a decorated and cozy home, but that is not the reality for many people. Bullying victims and others who have suffered psychological trauma can suffer from anxiety that is worsened by external pressure as you might feel in December.

Make sure you reserve enough time for yourself this month. Don’t mindlessly accept every invitation to Christmas events with your extended family, friends, and co-workers. If you allow yourself some downtime, you have the resources to enjoy the events you do decide to attend.

Celebrate Your Wins

With all the negative news around, it is extra important that you celebrate your small wins. If you set out to rake the leaves on your lawn this weekend, and you did it, you have earned the right to a small celebration. If you decided to take a walk every day last week and you did it, you are allowed to celebrate.

It is an important weapon against overwhelm and anxiety to make plans for things that are within your control. When you have followed your plan, you have achieved something. The horrors of the world around you cannot take that achievement from you.

What are you planning to achieve this week?