Build Bullying Resilience

Bullying is now a criminal offense in France. There are high fines and the penalties for the most severe bullying go up to ten years in jail. More important than the penalties is the additional teacher training that the new law also provides.

Anti-bullying laws and rules are necessary, but they are only one small part of the fight against bullying. We cannot force the bullies to seek the therapy they need, but we can make sure that bystanders are encouraged to step in. And we can give those at risk of becoming victims tools to improve their self-esteem to prevent bullying from happening. You can find many of the most powerful tools I have found in my book Life after Bullying

Make a difference

Research shows that the more emotional resilience you have, the less likely it is that you will be bullied. You also bounce back from all kinds of negative experiences faster.

One way to build up resilience is by noticing the positive difference you make. You can volunteer your time or money to help others, but you can also add to your resilience by noticing how you are making a difference to your pets, your garden, or your potted plants. You are making the work a better place if you pick up garbage in your neighborhood. There are lots of ways to do good deeds.

At the end of each day, reflect on the difference you made that day. Building up a series of positive experiences is completely within your control.