Does Therapy Work for You?

Some people are cutting back on therapy to save money. If you have unprocessed traumatic memories, that is one of the worst places to save.

You physical and mental health is the foundation of your life. If you are in therapy, think about the benefits you get from it. After a session, do you feel lighter, more in control, and better able to handle your life? If so, therapy should absolutely be a priority.

Feel Your Reaction

We’ve just had a public shooting in Denmark. Fortunately, such events are extremely rare here, and it has been many years since the previous one. But that also makes us react stronger to each of them. Some people experience increased stress levels or problems sleeping or concentrating.

If you experience an unexpectedly strong reaction to a traumatic event that you did not witness yourself, take extra care of yourself. You are allowed to feel this. It is normal for people who feel vulnerable in their lives to react more strongly. Untreated trauma from many years ago can also strengthen your reaction to tragic events your hear about in the news or on social media.

Seek help from a professional if you have strong reactions for more than a few days after the event. As a professional trauma therapist, I recommend looking for a professional specializing in trauma.

Talk to a Human

Your medical system might not always offer you the best option if you suffer from anxiety or depression. Some systems have been known to prefer having doctors prescribe pills instead of working on the underlying issues. That might be because traditional psychotherapy can take a long time, and it is cheaper to simply give the client a psychoactive drug.

You might have to look for an alternative yourself. I recommend the method I use and teach: Regenerating Images in Memory, RIM. My clients have always experienced a clear improvement within the first three sessions, and many have needed no more than that. You are welcome to schedule a free call with me to hear more about how I work. Click here to find an available time: https://vester.li/i04

Step Back to get Perspective

I just let a buzzing insect out of my office. It had gotten in somehow and was now trying in vain to fly out through the window glass. It was unable to understand the invisible barrier holding it back, and kept trying the same thing.

We humans are not all that different. Sometimes, we realize we are not moving in the direction we want in our life, but respond by trying harder. When you have your nose against the glass, you cannot see it.

The power humans have, and insects don’t have, is the ability to step back from the situation. When you gain perspective, you can figure out what is holding you back and how to move forward. Sometimes, you are able to consider you situation yourself and find a solution. Sometimes, talking with a friend can help. And sometime, you need to talk to a professional  therapist. Don’t keep buzzing against invisible barriers. Get help. 

When the scared kid is holding your client back

Image by Pixabay

The emotions where visible, when my resent client talked about, how he kept stopping himself for moving forward. He would start on a project, and then, when he had completed just over half the project, “things” got in the way.

Using the emotions as a doorway in. We went back to a situation in childhood, where he had been ridiculed in front of the class for a project, he had spent quite an amount of time on. As he sensed himself in the classroom, he could hear his classmates laugh, and feel how his whole body had tensed up to keep him from crying. And he realized that the little boy right there, had made a decision to never complete a project again, in order to protect himself from being hurt once more.

Guiding my client into a dialog with his younger age self, he was able to comfort the young self and support him in moving through the emotions. And they both realized, that completing projects was something they truly wanted.    

Later that week my client happily shared with me how he had gone home and worked on his recent project. And had completed it within a few days.

Being able to use the emotions as a doorway into helping our clients, is an effective way to uncover and work through the roots to our clients problems. And RIM (Regenerating Image in Memory) is a great tool to have in your toolbox, when you are searching for the best way to help your client.

You can learn more by participating in a free online group demonstration. Here you can get a taste of how RIM can benefit yourself and your clients and learn more about the RIM method. Sign up to join the next available call here

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