Schedule Time for Yourself

The weekend is a 64-hour block of time you have to yourself. Many people spend the weekend mostly catching up on sleep and watching TV, but you should carve out a little portion to improve your life. You might do something for your health, like taking a long walk, or preparing some home-cooked meals for next week. You might do something for your mind by reading an inspiring book, working to improve your skill at a hobby, or meditating.

Take out your calendar and schedule a small block of time for self improvement. When you are done with the activity you scheduled, immediately schedule another block of time for next weekend. When you have just enjoyed the experience of spending time on something uplifting, you might even want schedule a little more time for next weekend.

Spend Less Time on Your Phone

Are you aware of how you are spending your time? Your phone probably has some kind of “screen time” report – find it and look at how much you are using your phone and which apps.

If you are not happy with the amount of time you spend with your phone in hand, tell yourself you will reduce it slightly this week. Any number lower than the one for last week counts as a success. Simply stating a goal to yourself focuses your attention and affects your behavior. Try it this week and check your statistics next Monday. You’ll probably be surprised.

Spend Your Time Wisely

A shiny new phone doesn’t improve your life. But new information can.

The time you spend reading about and thinking about things is time you cannot spend on important things, like good books, inspiring movies, or simply reflecting on your life.

Take a moment now to think about how you spend your time. Can you spend it just a little better this week than last?