The Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger just started. If you live somewhere with many people from China and Southeast Asia, you couldn’t miss the noise of the New Years’ celebrations yesterday.

Tigers symbolize courage and bravery. People born in a Tiger year are thought to be natural leaders who love to take on a challenge. The Year of the Tiger also symbolizes being more courageous and stepping outside your comfort zone. That is good advice, whether you believe in Chinese astrology or not.

Gong hei fat choy – wishing you great happiness and prosperity.

Brightening Days

It’s winter solstice on Monday – here in Copenhagen, the exact time is 11.02 AM. Humans have always looked for and celebrated watershed moments like this. Even though your life will not automatically change for the better when the days start getting longer again, you can make it so.

Make a list this weekend of old habits and behaviors that belong in 2020. You can’t quit coronavirus safety rules just yet, but there might be worries or fears you can put behind you. On Monday, crumble up the list of old ways and write a new one with new habits and behaviors you are going to implement in the brightening days that will be starting soon.