Learn Something New

To improve your life, there is always something new you can learn. There are free online courses and YouTube videos that will teach you almost everything, and your local library is full of free books you can borrow to learn about any topic you want.

If you feel that each day is just like the next one, decide on some skill or knowledge you want to pick up. Do the absolute minimum to improve each day – watch 3 minutes of video or read one page. You will find that this breaks the routine and after one week you will be a person with more skill and knowledge than last week. Appreciate that progress and continue.

Training Non-Shopping

The shopping season is a good time to practice mindfulness. We’ve just been bombarded with Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, and now the Christmas Catalogs are taking over.

We know the happiness from buying more stuff lasts only for a very short while. But if you are feeling unhappy, stressed, or anxious, you are vulnerable to impulsive over-shopping.

Use this period as a training exercise. Every time you find yet another irresistible offer in your inbox or mailbox, take a moment to feel grateful that you have received the offer. Then feel gratitude for the things you already have. And finally, feel gratitude to the universe for giving you the tools to resists the offer.

Give Thanks

My American friends celebrate Thanksgiving today, and I love that word. We don’t have a specific day for that purpose here in Denmark, but giving thanks is something we should all do every day.

Finding something to be grateful for and give thanks for puts you in a positive mood. Establishing a gratitude routine is an important technique that fights anxiety and stress. If you write a daily journal, put in something you are grateful for each day. If you have a bit of time to yourself in your morning routine, just sit quietly for a moment and think of something you are grateful for in that moment.

If you have difficulty finding a time to express your gratitude, do it before a meal. Saying grace before a meal is an ancient human tradition that cuts across cultures and religions. The reason people have always done it is that it works. It only takes a few seconds to close your eyes and say to yourself that you are grateful for this meal. Happy Thanksgiving.

Look Back in Gratitude

Today is my birthday, and I always use that day to look back and review my year. It has definitely not turned out the way I expected one year ago! Some things didn’t happen as planned, but many other things have happened that I’m grateful for.

I encourage you to also regularly take stock of what has happened in your life. Focus on the things you are grateful for. Write down some sentences starting “I am grateful that…”

If you cultivate a gratitude mindset, the turmoil of life has less effect on you, and you’ll be happier and healthier.